Ticket Prices:

Pay One Price

Wed 6pm to close - $25

Thursday 6pm to close - $25

Friday 6pm to close - $30

Saturday 2pm to 6pm $25

Sunday 2pm - 6pm $25 (Father's Day Special - Dad's ride free with paid child from 2pm to 6pm)

Sunday 7pm to 10pm - $20 Last Blast (no discounts for Father's Day)


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Zero Gravity

This ride gives a new meaning to gravity and will spin you around as you climb up into the air.

Height Requirements: Over 42"


Century Wheel

This classic family ride will have you sitting above the crowd in a gondola tub that seats four people.

Height Requirements: Over 42" unless with an adult


Super Shot

Get your heart racing with a 90 foot freefall that will make your stomach climb up your throat!

Height Requirements: Over 42"



Spin in a gondola that seats four while spinning at 10 RPM. This ride tilts at a 20 degree angle and can be spun by riders.

Various Carnival Games

Relax and enjoy your chance to win a variety of prizes while testing your skills at the various games offered


Fly through this Himalayan Mountain themed ride both forwards and backwards while spinning at 11.5 RPM's.
Height Requirements: Over 48"


We offer many more rides that are not listed. Come check it out for yourself!